The site of Midtown 4 on East Broadway hosts two heritage buildings, Connacher House and The Carolina retail and apartments. Retention of these two buildings proved a challenge and source of creative inspiration for the new mixed use retail and residential building constructed around them. Our goal was ultimately to position the heritage buildings comfortably along Carolina Street with the new modern building setting back respectively while comfortably integrated. The bulk of the new building is felt along East Broadway, a major artery. Connacher house has stood on Broadway since 1895, and seen the neighbourhood grow up around it to an urban arterial with shops and restaurants. Moving the house around the corner to face Carolina Street returns it to a residentia context, and makes room for a more appropriate neighbourhood retail and restaurant use on East Broadway. The Carolina is preserved on the corner of Broadway, and renovated on the inside with double height space to breathe new life into the low ceilinged building. Behind these heritage buildings, six storeys of concrete frame residential are clad in a contemporary  lustrous metal panel. The architecture endeavours to achieve an elegant and timeless quality through the use of a contrasting colour palette, architectural rhythms, and the layering of components. The attractive contemporary design strives to make a positive contribution to its surroundings and to the revitalization of the Mount Pleasant/E Broadway community.
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